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June 12, 2012

K-383 Fact Sheet

These projects (#383-69 KA –2371-01 and #383-74 KA-2372-01) will make improvements to K-383 Highway from US-36 east of Norton to the junction of US-183, just south of the Nebraska state line.

The communities of Woodruff, Almena and Long Island will be significantly impacted during the project, as plans are to close the route during some phases of the construction.

June 12, 2012

Public open houses scheduled

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) invites the US 50 corridor community to share its ideas for improving US 50 in Ford and Gray Counties at the June 19 and 20 public open houses for the US 50 Expansion Project: Cimarron to Dodge City. During the open house meetings, the public will be able to review project exhibits that show the project area, explain the project development process and schedule, describe project funding, and more.

June 12, 2012

KDOT en búsqueda de más opinión sobre las Reuniónes Públicas programadas El Departamento de Transporte de Kansas (KDOT) invita a la comunidad de el corredor de la autopista 50 de los Estados Unidos de los condados de Ford y Gray para compartir sus ideas para mejorar la autopista 50 de los Estados Unidos en los condados de Ford y de Gray en el 19 de junio y 20 durante las reuniónes públicas para el proyecto de expansión des de Cimarron a Dodge City. Durante las reuniones, el público será capaz de revisar exposiciones de proyectos que muestran el área del proyecto, explicación de el proceso de desarrollo del proyecto, el calendario, descripción de la financiación del proyecto, y mucho más.

June 12, 2012

Asks citizens to comment on the T-WORKS project

If you use US 50 to commute between Cimarron and Dodge City or as part of your travels through Gray and Ford Counties, the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) encourages you to participate in an online survey at now through July 21, 2012. A link to the survey is also available on the project web page at (US 50 in Gray County) and

January 27, 2012

The Kansas Department of Transportation will accelerate $50 million worth of preservation projects to produce jobs ahead of schedule and to take advantage of low construction costs currently available.

The 32 projects that will be advanced are included in the 10-year, $8 billion T-WORKS transportation program passed by the 2010 Legislature. They are part of the $4.2 billion set aside under T-WORKS for preservation, which includes work such as the repair and reconstruction of roads and bridges.

Click here for a list of the accelerated Preservation Projects announced by Governor Brownback on January 27, 2011.

December 15, 2011

A new website using up-to-the-minute information will help travelers in Wichita efficiently navigate area highways. will share travel speeds and camera views on select routes, messages posted on roadside signs and other helpful information for drivers.

November 21, 2011

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is beginning the steps necessary to acquire property (also known as “right of way”) for construction of the eastern portion of K-10 in Douglas County, commonly referred to as the South Lawrence Trafficway (SLT).

The project, funded under the T-WORKS transportation program, will connect the economic, educational and residential centers of southern Johnson County, Lawrence, Topeka, and the surrounding areas.

October 6, 2011

Hundreds of transportation projects that will preserve, expand and modernize the Kansas highway system have been scheduled for the next two years.

The projects, which will be funded under T-WORKS, the transportation program passed by the 2010 Legislature, will improve 1,404 miles of highway and replace 93 bridges. The work will be done in the 2012-13 fiscal years, which began July 1.

Governor announces North East Kansas Projects

June 3, 2011

Nine Northeast Kansas highway expansion projects that have an economic impact of $8.8 billion were announced today by Gov. Sam Brownback.

The projects include the first two phases of the Johnson County Gateway project at I-435/I-35/K-10, one of the biggest bottlenecks in the state; and the long-discussed South Lawrence Trafficway.

Governor announces Western Kansas Projects

June 2, 2011

Projects that will continue the expansion of major highway corridors in southwest Kansas and make important safety enhancements to others in the western third of the state were announced here today by Gov. Sam Brownback.

The Governor, who was introduced by Dodge City Mayor Rick Sowers at an event at United Wireless Arena, said four-lane expansion projects on U.S. 50 and U.S. 54 will address issues associated with high truck traffic.

Governor announces North Central Kansas Projects

June 1, 2011

Road projects that will have major economic impact on North Central Kansas as well as significantly enhance safety were announced here today by Gov. Sam Brownback.

The Governor, who was introduced by McPherson Mayor Thomas Brown at the McPherson Airport, said a new interchange will be built at I-135 and Mohawk Road in McPherson, opening the industrial park to additional development. The $13 million project is projected to have an economic impact of $94 million.

Governor announces South East Kansas Projects

June 1, 2011

Continued expansion of U.S. 69 and safety improvements to enhance other Southeast Kansas roads are among the highway projects announced here today by Gov. Sam Brownback.

Speaking at the Kansas Department of Transportation subarea office, the Governor said a four-lane, upgradable expressway will be built from Arma to Fort Scott at an estimated cost of $47 million.

Governor announces South Central Kansas Projects

May 31, 2011

Major highway expansion projects that will enhance safety and support economic development in Wichita and throughout South Central Kansas were announced here today by Gov. Sam Brownback.

The projects include a $116 million improvement on I-235 at the Kellogg interchange and a four-lane reconstruction of U.S. 54 in Sedgwick County.

Governor to announce T-WORKS highway modernization and expansion projects

May 24, 2011

A four-day, five-city tour to announce the selection of major highway expansion and modernization projects kicks off Tuesday, May 31, in Wichita.

The announcement of the major projects that will be funded under the state transportation program T-WORKS will be made by Gov. Sam Brownback. Accompanying the Governor on the tour will be Kansas Transportation Secretary Deb Miller.

Major Road Projects Announced by Governor Brownback

February 11, 2011

Three road projects that will have an estimated economic impact of more that $1 billion were announced by Gov. Sam Brownback today in Overland Park.

The projects, which have an estimated cost of $250 million, will be build in Overland Park and Reno and Riley counties. They are the first major expansion projects to be announced under the transportation program T-WORKS, which was passed by the Kansas Legislature last May.

T-WORKS Preservation Projects announced

September 30, 2010

Dozens of projects that will preserve the state’s highway infrastructure have been announced by Kansas Transportation Secretary Deb Miller.

Thirty-five of the 56 projects added to the construction schedule for the next five years are bridge replacements. Other projects include significant work on western stretches of I-70 and pavement resurfacing and replacement throughout the state. The estimated cost of the projects is $401.6 million.

Legislature passes T-WORKS bill

May 12, 2010

T-WORKS, the comprehensive transportation program passed by the 2010 Kansas Legislature, will not only preserve and improve the state's transportation system, it will create tens of thousands of jobs.

"T-WORKS is good for the safety of Kansans and the economic goals of the state, and I want to commend legislators for supporting this bill," said Secretary of Transportation Deb Miller.

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